Activities in San Felipe

Fishing is fantastic in San Felipe, B.C. The Sea of Cortez has an abundant variety of species of fish some of which are halibut, corvina, dorado, and sierra just to name a few. There are a number of pangas (boats) for hire to go fishing.

There are miles and miles of pristine beaches for clamming, swimming, sunbathing, shell collecting. One of the favorites is the banana ride: a banana boat that rides on the water’s edge. Tourists and locals alike seem to enjoy it immensely.

There are numerous hot springs located in the mountains nearby and also in Puertecitos.  Many geologists come to San Felipe to examine this phenomenon.

San Felipe is an explorer’s paradise with areas of age-old fossils, sculpture mines, gold mines, turquoise mines, quartz mines, etc. Petroglyphs and cave paintings are part of San Felipe’s attractions.

People gather from all over the world to experience the vast amount of diversity in flora and fauna that is local to San Felipe, Baja.

For people that like to go horseback riding, visit rodeos and participate in ranch activities: San Felipe is the location.

Numerous trails and roads are available for the ATV and off-road enthusiast, Bring along your 4 wheel drive and dune buggy. Scheduled events are the Baja 1000, the Baja 250 and many, many more off-road races.

The San Felipe Rotary Club sponsors an annual restaurant dining experience with most of the restaurants participating. There are many, many fine restaurants in the San Felipe area which include Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Seafood, etc. This is a seafood lovers paradise, the main seafood is shrimp. There are also clams, fish (all types), squid, octopus, and scallops.

Great shopping is available locally for unique items from all parts of Mexico: curios, art, silver, gold, jewelry, housewares, garden wares, etc.

One of the mainstays of San Felipe is the Valley of the Giants, where there are giant cardoons hundreds of years old, found nowhere else.
So as you can tell there are plentiful things to see and enjoy in San Felipe.